Bird Photography - Central Coast

The flowering gums should be in full bloom, and this workshop is all about spending time with one of our favourite bird species - the Rainbow Lorikeet. This nectar eating bird just loves feeding on the flowering gums and we will spend 3 hours or so with these beauties.
We will then move on to spend some time with Australian Spectacle Pelicans and Silver gulls.
The day will conclude with some time together processing images so bring your laptop along with Lightroom if you have one. (Windows or Mac)
We will be catering for just 4 photographers to make sure you get quality time with your workshop leader.
You ideally need a single lens reflex camera with a telephoto lens 200mm or greater.
A 70-200mm lens with a 1.4x or 2x converter would work well and longer lenses if you have them.
Lunch will be provided.
Bring your camera gear, hat, sunscreen and plenty of water.

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