Photo Workshops

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This hands-on workshop is an ideal opportunity for both beginners and more advanced photographers.
Esther Beaton and Geoff White will lead you on a half or full day photographic adventure where there is plenty of opportunities to learn how to improve your technique and resulting images.

This next workshop - a Bird Photography workshop, is planned for Saturday, 29th September and will be held at the north end of the Central Coast.

We will be spending a few hours by a lake edge where Egrets, Spoonbills, Sea Eagles and Osprey's are often seen, followed by some lunch (included) and then change locations where we will be shooting an abundance of pelicans and chip buzzards. To conclude the day, we will spend an hour or so assisting you to process the shots you have taken. If you have a laptop with Photoshop and or Lightroom, bring it along.

Cost is $180 per person.

This workshop is targeted at both Canon and Nikon shooters who have a lens greater than 200mm in focal length (preferrably 300mm or greater).
Places exist for only four Canon EOS and four Nikon shooters in this workshop to ensure a great learning experience.
Each participant will have opportunity to experience a fast super-telephoto lens on their own camera body so you should get some great shots.
Extraordinary Photographic Workshops!
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